We’re proud to offer a great selection of financial services products from the world’s leading life insurance providers to protect Families and their future.

30% of U.S. households have no life insurance. According to the organization’s “Facts About Life” report, “Among households with children under 18, 4 in 10 say they would have immediate financial trouble if a primary wage earner died today.”
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“Term” is a life insurance policy that provides coverage for a predetermined amount of time. Benefits are gained if the policy owner passes away in a predetermined time frame, typically 10,20 or 30 years.

  • It is the least expensive and simplest of all life insurance policies.

  • There is no guarantee of renewal when the term ends.

  • AP Agency offers the most inexpensive Term insurance on the market.

Return of Premium Policies Term insurance policy that will return your ENTIRE premium if you outlive the term period of your life insurance, typically 10,20 or 30 years.

  • Premium returns can start as early as the second year.

  • Protection if you need it and return of all your premiums paid.



Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance. It’s an insurance policy where the benefit is assured to be paid upon your death (assuming the policy is kept current). Also, unlike Term insurance, the policy can accrue a cash value within specified “indexes” (such as the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100).

  • A type of permanent life insurance.

  • You can choose you “index” based on your risk tolerance.

  • Cash value has tax-deferred growth.

  • Can be paired with a Long Term Care rider.

This is a special class of annuities that offer returns on your contributions based on a specific equity-based “index,” such as the S&P 500. With an Indexed Annuity there is a guaranteed minimum return, so even if the stock index does poorly, the holder will not lose any part of his investment. Conversely, the yields will be somewhat lower due to caps and fee-related deductions.

  • Offers tax-deferred, retirement income

  • For investors who seek protection of capital

  • Can be structured to give you income for the rest of your life

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